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OBA History


Oba tent structures.co was inaugurated in order to create the velar structures industry in country, with registration No.271584, in Tehran 2006.

The primal studies very surveys , securing the primal materials, and also up to date equipments were not so difficult job, but forwarding the personnel’s to pass training courses and learne the up to date velar tent structure, needed more time and opportunity.

Finally in 2007 spring, by providing all the primal introductions, we started our own activity formally and upper most we have persisted on our three basical elements that are innovation, quality and beauty.

After 4 months, with god’s favor, and continuous efforts of this complex, all the levels of designing, manufacture and performance of the first modern tent structure were done in country our active young’s efforts and the first produced sympol of this sympol as our stall, was faced white high public welcome this was the start of a way to inter into a arena where we respect to customers in it and today after passing less then 1year, we know a variety in performance of any kinds of designing and also the power of manufacture in different aspects, as a honor, that we aimed these with god’s favor and our group work And according to our resume, during last year, we can say that the empty place of this industry isn’t felt in our dear country and we hope that we could gait in the way of development and promotion of using of tent structures that in fact is a modern efficient and beautiful industry.

And, now, we say with honor that we have synthesized art and industry, and our ability origins from gods favor.

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